What do certain things in dreams symbolize?

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Animals in Dreams


An antelope symbolizes the awakening of your spiritual desires, you must leave behind your shyness towards others, and open your heart. Often, an antelope portraits good news and good luck. Remember that sometimes, luck can be deceptive and it can be shattered right away, so thoughtfulness and attention is required.


Seeing an armadillo in a dream indicates that you are dealing with issues of self-protection and self-preservation.


To see a wild alligator or a crocodile in your dream foretells a new beginning or changes in your waking life. This dream can also indicate danger in some way.


A badger dream could represent a person who is nagging (badgering) you in your waking life, or someone who always interferes in someone else's life.


Dreams about bats usually happen in times of anxiety and stress.


In general, dreams about bears are interpreted as good omens, signs of stability in life, strong will, strong character. It means there are not many things in life that could lead you out of your track and disturb your inner peace.


To see a beetle in your dream indicates that some destructive influences may be at work in your waking life.


The bison as a dream symbol stands for power, primitive instincts, primary aspect of being wild, wandering freely and connection.


To dream of a bobcat represents an aspect of yourself that is waiting for or anticipating weakness.


Bees are a symbol of hard work and diligence. Maybe a dream about bees represents some hard work you will be involved in soon. Maybe it indicates you've been too busy lately.


To dream of a butterfly is rather a favorable sign than not. Butterfly represents feelings, lightness, elegance, ease.


Camel meaning becomes important in our lives when we are dealing with a long journey ahead of us.


To see a cat in your dream symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power. It also represents misfortune and bad luck.


When you are stuck in certain stages of your life, you will often dream of caterpillars.


Dreams of centipedes mean you are letting your fears get the best of you. Being constantly negative, of living in fear, is only creating the same into your future.


A dream about a chameleon shows that you have the ability to change and adapt to strange and uncertain circumstances in your life, especially if the chameleon in your dream is adapting to a healthy green environment. The dream shows that no matter what is thrown at you, you can handle it.


To dream of a cheetah represents problems or situations that can't be outrun. Issues that you're forced to think about or that you can't escape a confrontation with.


To dream of a chicken represents insecurity, cowardice, or a lack of confidence. There is something that makes you insecure or unsure of yourself.


To dream of a chinchilla is a sign you need a lot of attention in your life.


A chipmunk may point to a total lack of interest in something if you can't have your way. There may be something desirable that you have a problem letting go of.


To dream of cockroaches represents feelings of undesirability. Something you really don't want in your life.


Cows in dreams symbolizes your passive and docile nature where you obey and follow others without questions.


Dreaming of a crab indicates that you are being stingy or needy and holding on to someone or something too tightly. It suggests that you are being irritable or emotionally insensitive as well.


Dreams about cranes signify happiness, transformation, maternal affection and your gestures of good intentions.


Deer can signify the gentleness of the soul and your innocence and vulnerabilities.


Dogs in dreams often have to do with friendship, loyalty, protection, instinct and generosity. The dream dog may be a symbol that represents you or someone in your life who exhibits these qualities. A dog in a dream might also be a “stand in” for a friend or family member you want to protect.


To see a dolphin represents your ability to explore and navigate through your emotions. It symbolizes spiritual guidance and emotional trust. Since dolphins are generally conceived as playful and happy animals, seeing them appearing in your dream often suggest enjoyment, positive feelings and circumstances.


The dream donkey may indicate stubbornness on your part or your unwillingness to cooperate with other people.


Dragonfly brings a journey of self-discovery. This tiny creature moves through the physical world at top speeds to remind you to live in the present, in the here and now. Not in the future or in the past.


A wild duck, roaming the marshes, ponds or protected forests and areas in the neighborhood, signifies freedom and a carefree lifestyle that you may be leading in reality. You are likely very independent and love to try new things because you are not yet tied down with responsibilities or commitments to anyone.


Dreams about eagles also symbolize pride, courage, nobility and strong intellect. They are also representing a strong connection you have to your spirituality.


To dream of an eel represents feelings about behavior being so emotionally cold that other people's feelings aren't cared about at all.


Dreaming about an elephant can indicate positive qualities such as hard work, patience, strength, wisdom and trust. If you are riding an elephant it can indicate that you are heading in a positive direction in your life.


To dream of a ferret represents you or someone else that is noticing what everyone else is doing before doing anything yourself. Seeing what happens before doing anything serious.


To dream of fish represents unconscious thoughts or unconscious truths. Things you may notice about yourself or your life, but don't fully understand. Being aware of something you can't fully grasp. A subtle awareness.


If the flamingo appears either in your waking life or in your dream, it means that you should release your emotions and let them be your guidance in life. Also, we can say that the flamingo may symbolize fun and relaxation. If this bird appears in your life, it means that it is time for fun.


Flies in dream symbolize either dirtiness or corruption. The dream illustrates your guilt feelings.


To see a fox in your dream can symbolize shrewdness in your approach to challenges in your life.


A dream with a frog suggests that you are ready for something in your life or a part of yourself to change.


To dream of a gecko represents a anxiety or fear that something won't go away.


To see a gerbil in your dream represents hyperactivity and energy. It may mean that you are seeking for social activity or companionship.


The giraffe is a symbol of the ability to see things differently than others in your life. It suggests that you are able to see both sides of an issue and can reach a decision on that basis beyond what other people may be able to see or do.


Goats are often depicted in satanic images to reflect the ignorant unlistening relentless nature of negativity or evil.


Goose in the dreams is usually representative of marital fidelity and a peaceful life, sometime it is also related traveling.


A gorilla may be a sign of your insufferable behavior. Very often you go too far and overreact. People who love you and treat you kindly are discontented with it. It may offend them.

Guinea Pig

To dream of a guinea pig implies that you should use more consideration and accept liability for your actions. It also means that you will achieve success and ability through trial and error.


Hare in the dream, is a symbol of cowardice and indecision, so you should make certain conclusions, if you happened to see such dream.


Hedgehogs can represent a vulnerable part of ourselves and a part that likes to withdraw when things are too complicated or start heating up.


If you dream about a hippopotamus it can reflect your hidden strength and aggressive nature when you are cornered.


A horse in a dream might symbolize freedom, energy, strength, endurance, stamina, power, but also hard work.


A hyena is a sign of deception, hypocrisy and wickedness.


For those who believe, it is said that this dream signifies that the ideas and concepts that are budding in your life, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, have the potential to become big and productive.


The symbolic meaning of iguana, overwhelmingly, deals with enjoying the simple things in life. The iguana is a reminder to take time to enjoy the sunshine, take a nap or relish your favorite food.


The protective nature of the jaguar is a positive inclination and shows that there is also something to protect in your life. Jaguars are sneaky and agile animals and therefore they have an air of being sleek and smooth – which shows that things will come your way if a little effort is put forth.


Because of its pouch the kangaroo may depict the safety of your mother’s womb, or protection. Or conversely, the safety and protection you can give. But kangaroos are also things that jump around, and could be associated with something that you cannot get hold of or is changing too fast to connect with.


Seeing a koala is also indicative of emotions and feelings like security, nurturance, and protection. It is a marsupial that reflects having feminine qualities.


Leopard is not only a symbol of aggression but also vitality and passion. If the leopard in your dream is dangerous, it could reflect your recklessness or arrogance.


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